The Evolution of the Wallet


Block Identity Theft Before Someone Drains Your Bank Account!
9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year
It can happen to anyone.
You can be standing in line for your coffee, reading a book in the library, even sitting on a park bench. Within seconds, and without you even knowing it, someone can steal your identity and banking information!
They don’t have to touch you. They don’t even have to get close to you. According to the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), your sensitive personal information can be stolen from as far as 30 feet away from you!
Imagine criminals gaining complete access to your credit and debit cards, banking information – even your driver’s license and passport! And they can start ordering things online or draining your bank account without you even knowing it!
RFID chips are used on hotel keys, too. Imagine being on vacation, and when you get back to your hotel room, all your possessions have been stolen! It might sound like a nightmare but it happens to MILLIONS of Americans every year!
Just take a look at the cards in your wallet. See that little wireless icon on all of your credit and debit cards, gas station cards, passport, and even some drivers’ licenses? That’s means your card contains an RFID chip. It contains all your personal information – and it exposes you to potential theft every time you go out in public!
Your cards may feature an RFID chip for contactless payments or entering sensitive areas like hotel rooms or offices.
The problem’s not going away, either. In fact, it’s getting worse. According to the FTC, cases of identity theft DOUBLED from 2019 to 2020!
Unfortunately, thieves can access and read your RFID chips right through your clothing, even if your card never even leaves your purse or wallet.
The Karben wallet BLOCKS RFID readers, stopping thieves from stealing your money or your identity! It’s the protection you need in this dangerous new era of cybertheft!
Thankfully, there’s an amazing new and stylish wallet that stops identity thieves in their tracks! It’s called Karben, and it’s made from RFID blocking materials to keep your personal info away from the prying eyes of criminals.
It’s the best way to stop yourself from becoming the next victim of cybercrime!
It’s a Digital Business Card, Too!
The Karben Wallet makes it easy to share the information you want to share, too! With just a tap against someone else’s phone, you can share whatever information you choose to – your social media accounts, contact info, or whatever you like. And it works with any modern smartphone!
All you need to do is download the free Karben App and create an account. Next, tap the “Scan” button in the app, hold your phone next to it until it vibrates, and you’re ready to go! Just enter in the information you would like to share!
You can share your contact info, social media accounts, a link to your online portfolio or website, or whatever other info you like! And all you need to do is tap your wallet against someone’s phone to share that information with them. It’s the business card for the 21st century!
Built for Convenience, Built to Last
The Karben wallet is crafted from genuine, military-grade carbon fiber panels securely mounted to a full aluminum frame. Its robust construction is waterproof, modern, and strong enough to take anything you can throw at it!
Simply pull on them to gain access to your credit cards, debit cards, ID, or whatever kind of cards you carry with you. Karben provides you with generous space to hold up to 12 standard sized credit cards in style.
The Karben wallet features an elastic money band that will secure your cash safely to the front of the wallet. With easy access like this, you’ll never have to dig around searching for cash when you need to tip your waiter or valet parking attendant.
Now you can secure your wallet and protect it from pickpockets with the built-in lanyard ring. Hook it to your wallet chain, belt, or purse strap. Research shows that having your wallet securely attached to your person can prevent pickpocketing.
How to Use Karben Wallet
You'll love the style, security, and ease of use you get from using the Karben wallet! Smaller and infinitely more durable than a traditional wallet, Karben makes it easy to protect yourself from financial and identity theft – and it makes it a breeze to safely share your info with friends and business associates, too!
Download the Karben app from the Android or iOS store.
Add whatever information you like – contact info, phone numbers, URLs, social media accounts, you name it.
Enjoy the safety of knowing your personal information is protected from theft, and the convenience of sharing your contact info with friends and business associates.
That's it! That’s really all there is to it!
With its combination of compact size, stylish design, security from data theft, and ease of sharing social media contacts, Karben is the wallet AND business card for the new millennium!
Here’s What Customers are Saying About Karben
Ronaldo G. – Austin, TX
Wed Jan 05 2022 15:13:12 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
I’ve had my identity stolen before, and believe me, it’s no picnic. I was terrified it would happen to me again, until I heard about Karben. Karben really protects you from getting your personal and financial information stolen, wherever you are. I love the security of knowing that Karben’s got my back.
Skylar M. – Los Angeles, CA
Wed Jan 05 2022 15:13:12 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
In my profession, I have to share my social media accounts with people I meet every day. I used to have to get new business cards printed every time I added a new social media account, but no more. Now my info is always up to date, and I can share it with just a tap on someone’s phone. I LOVE it
Wendy T. – Denver, CO
Wed Jan 05 2022 15:13:12 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
The small size makes it easy to carry the Karben wallet wherever I go. I used to use one of those big ugly ‘mom’ purses, just so I could carry all my essentials with me. Well, Karben put an end to all of that nonsense – it’s small enough to fit inside the tiniest clutch, and still hold everything I need!
Safety. Style. Convenience.
Karben’s Got it All!
Protect your personal information. Protect your credit cards.
Share info with your friends and coworkers. Contact info. Websites. Social Media accounts.
Whatever you’ve used a wallet for in the past, Karben can do it a thousand times better. And safer, too.
Order your Karben wallet today, or get a few as gifts. It’s a great way to show people you care by protecting them from identity fraud.
And if you order right now, you’ll receive a special discount of up to 50% OFF! But since the holidays are approaching, there’s a chance Karben wallets might sell out at any moment. So get yours now while supplies last, and get an amazing 50% OFF DISCOUNT, too!
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